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Great War binders

The verse on the spine reads:

Where your heroes' blood was spilled
The guns are now forever stilled
And silent grown.
There is no moaning of the slain
There is no cry of tortured pain
And blood will never flow again
In Flanders' fields.


Binder description: Luxury A5, deep rich red, leather-look binders with The Great War title in gold on the spine. Each rigid, good quality binder holds 12 x 120-page magazines securely (so they will accept the Special Editions which are bulkier than the normal bi-monthly issues).

Now you can keep all your magazines safe in these great binders and add them to your Great War bookshelf.

The magazines are easily inserted with the minimum of fuss - suitable for fingers that are not as nimble as they once were! No creasing or folding, just lay the binder flat, remove the wire rod, open the magazine at the centre pages and insert the rod to hold the magazine in place. Magazines are held securely and the binder can then be stored upright, like a book.




Spare binder rods are available to purchase.

Single rods are sent free with each Index ordered so they can be added to your binder.



Great War Binder


SPARE BINDER RODS (pack of 10)


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